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China flowers and gifts network is a professional flowers and gifts delivery service provider! We have more than 6000 florist chain stores in mainland. We provide delivery service within 3-6 hours.


In the follow cities, we have our chain stores:

Beijing Shanghai Tianjing Chongqing Wuhan Hangzhou Nanjing Changchun Shenyang Dalian Jinan Nanchang Nanning Huhehaote Jilin Chengdu Fuzhou Shijiazhuang Changsha Haerbin Wulumuqi Zhenzhou Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou Xuzhou Wenzhou Jiaxing Qingdao Zibo Zhuhai Guilin Hengyang Daqing Fushun Jingzhou Anqing Yanji Kunming


Delivery Area: China mainland


Now China flowers and gifts can deliver flowers worldly. By cooperating with different local flower shop of different countries, we can send your flowers to any city in the world with local price.


We have professional customer service staff, professional floristic goods makers and professional distribution vehicle teams. We provide flower DIY service according to your request. If there are not the kinds of floristic goods you want on our website, you can contact us on line. We will try to meet your needs as much as possible rely on our strong distribution system.


About the delivery time:

In principle, we do not promise to provide delivery in certain specific time, such as in 10:23 (We can only promise to send in the morning or the afternoon on X day, or before X o’clock). However, if you have special requirement for delivery time, you can choose "in time deliver fee". We will send at your designated time plus or minus 15minutes. If there are some special reasons for delivery delays, such as traffic problems, unable contact with consignees and so on, we will not assume liability. For delivery in time, it is best to place an order earlier 1 to 2 days.


Special Note: in non-holiday period, we can provide specific time service, and designated consignee service in three hours.


Our delivery time for a normal day: 8:30-20:30. It will be required extra service fee for the rest time delivery.


In the day of some important festivals such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, the Mid-Autumn Day, Mother's Day and so on, we cannot meet the needs for delivery in designated time. We can only promise to delivery in the same day.


Above all, the delivery time is all fit for China mainland delivery. Regarding other country delivery time, orders are guaranteed to be arrived on the ordered date, certain specific time are not available.


About flowers and plants:

We can guarantee that flowers and plants are fresh, and gifts are of high quality!

Because fresh flower has seasonal nature and supply channels are variable, it may be unable to supply the kind of flower you choose. We may have to change the flower into alternative substitute. Of course, we will assure you that the substitute will be the same category, the same value and has the same effect. Firstly, we will certainly inquire of you via E-mail. If we do not get any response form you, we will think you agree with us.


On the other hand, you can demand to add more flowers or choose to change the color and the package.


People always have different understanding of the picture on our website, so we cannot say for sure the flowers and plants actually received are right the same with the picture. There may be somewhat differences. As plants (including bonsai) are growing non-stop, there will be also somewhat differences between the physical and online photo. Hope you can understand.


If we lose to deliver, because you provide wrong address or consignee refuses to accept, we can decide whether to deliver again.


If the consignee is not in the city in our list above, please contact us on line, and we will try our best to serve you! It is free for delivery in urban areas. If your order city is not in our "distribution scope", or far away from the urban areas, it may need additional freight. Please kindly contact us to help you. If we lose contact with you three days beyond delivery, we will cancel your order. Your payment will be automatically credited to your virtual accounts. After getting in touch with you again, we will return your payment.



When we receive a new order, we will first confirm whether it has been paid. If not, we will send an email to remind you. Only after we receive your payment, we will immediately arrange your order and send an email to inform you. You can trace your order any time on our site.


When you meet error in the process of placing an order, you can turn back to re-select goods and place a new order. When you meet error in making payment, you can go to re-pay at the following address: english / re_payment.asp You just need to fill with your order ID and the amount, and choose your payment method.


Using Paypal you can fill with your own address in "Billing Address". Our Paypal account is


Cancellations policy:

Customer can cancel order by informing us 48 hours in advance of the delivery time of his order.


Virtual Bank:

1. Virtual account is a kind of secure and convenient service we promote. We assure your virtual account deposit is secure and always effective. It is suitable to use a virtual account in the follow situations:

a. If you need shopping not only one time in ChinaFlowers, and you think it is trouble to make remittance for your every order, you can choose our virtual bank service.

b. Some small loose change can be deposited to your virtual account, and you can use it for your next order.

c. If we should compensate you or return your payment, we will return it to your virtual account if you don’t have other requirement.

d. We will deposit 5% amount of your every order to your virtual account as the member benefits.


2. Unique deposit functions of our virtual bank:

a. Deposit the virtual money, which you get as preference or discount to your virtual account

b. Deposit your payment balance to your virtual account

c. Deposit your prepaid money to your virtual account

d. You can check your balance in virtual account anytime and can use it directly for your online shopping. It is so easy, safe, and convenient!

e. You can transfer money to your virtual account by online payment method. Please make a note it is your virtual account deposit and write down your own account number (your Email address)

f. You can deposit an integral amount of money to virtual account (such as $1000). It will be directly deducted from your virtual account deposit for your every time expense.


3. User’s guide:

a. You should first register to become our member and you can have a virtual account.

b. You can only check your account balance but cannot deduct it by yourself.

c. If your order amount is lower than your virtual deposit, we will deduct the corresponding amount.

d. If your order amount is higher than your virtual deposit, you need pay the remainder.


Note: There is no interest to deposit in virtual bank. The virtual bank users can enjoy more discounts, and it will make your deposit more value.


What you need is what we seek! May we are not the best, but we will try our best!


365 days, 24 hours, and in holidays without break. From 8:30-20: 30 a day, the rest time delivery would be required an extra service fee.


With the best quality, the fastest speed for delivery of your true love and feeling.