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About US

Welcome to ChinaFlowers.com.


China flowers and gifts network: www.chinaflowers.com


China flowers and gifts network, Guangzhou local professional florist entities for flowers and gifts delivery service. We have developed more than 6000 local florists as chain stores in mainland, and we provide delivery service within 3-6 hours. Professional services, favorable prices!


In the special days, select a most special gift for your sweet one, your families, and your friends! You only need to click the mouse, and the left things will be handled by us with pleasure for you!


China flowers and gifts network, as a leading domestic flowers delivery service provider, provides 24-hour online professional services. Flowers, cake and gifts can be delivered to more than 600 cities nationwide within 3-6 hours.


China flowers and gifts network has been established a mature distribution system. We have a total of more than 500 branches and florist chain stores throughout China. Instantaneously transmit your love anywhere anytime!


Now chinaflowers.com can deliver flowers worldly. By cooperating with different local flower shop of different countries, we can send your flowers to any city in the world with local price.


Chinaflowers.com not only supports a great majority of domestic bankcard, international VISA CARD, MASTER CARD and JCB CARD online payment, but also supports bank transfer, postal remittance, door-to-door collection and other ways of settlement. All these ways of payment are secure, convenient and fast!


China flowers and gifts network sets up an emotion bridge between you and the people you love! With china flowers and gifts network, your lover, your families and your friends are no longer far from each other. No matter where and when, you just need click the mouse, and your love, your emotion will immediately deliver to them. For delivery your love and feelings, we strive to do our best!


We believe that all of our customers are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. That is why we always go the extra mile to make your floral gift and the shopping experience perfect. Our service is all about feeling, giving you the freedom to say what you want, when you want, with a beautiful gift of flowers, freshly prepared and hand delivered by one of our professional florist.